Responsibility Description
Site Preparation The site host is required to provide additional electrical service, ground preparation work, and a permit for the charging station installation (other than grant contribution for installation).
Charging Access The site host is required to make the installed charging station publicly accessible (except multi-unit dwelling and fleet applications) for 3-5 years.
Partnership/data sharing The site host should agree to partner with the project team to monitor the utilization rate and share and report utilization data with the project team.
Operation & Maintenance The site host should operate the EV charging station with reasonable charging pricing, ensure that the charging station remains in good condition, and report to the project team if there is any noticeable incident or change.
Others Other contributions requested from the site hosts will be detailed later.

Note: A detailed site host agreement will be provided later to the site hosts for review and signed authorization. This document is not designed to replace the site host agreement.