Project Overview

The Appalachian region has long provided natural resources for the nation’s prosperity. However, as of 2021, Appalachia has more than 182 counties designated as economically distressed or at-risk, the majority of which are in five states including KY, WV, OH, TN, and VA. With the rise of the clean energy economy around electric vehicles (EVs) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the rural and low-income communities in central Appalachia have struggled the most in the transition, due in part to a lack of EV infrastructure, low awareness, and limited-to-no access to EVs and clean energy jobs in EV sector.

Meet the Team

This DOE-funded project aims to establish a sustainable EV ecosystem in central Appalachia, which will be created and supported by our strong partnerships across our five states, to provide these rural and low-income communities the necessary infrastructure to enable EV operation, the knowledge and experience needed to make PEV technology adoption decisions, helping them understand cost, operational issues, and performance attributes associated with PEVs.

  • Pingen Chen, Principal Investigator
    Tennessee Tech University

  • Tim Cho, Co-Principal Investigator
    Clean Fuels Ohio

  • Trina Wafle, Co-Principle Investigator
    National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium

Project Partners